Retailers of all kinds have two things in common.  They need products to sell and they need to control costs.  Now by using retailers can source and securely buy wholesale products from hundreds of the best suppliers all in one place, with one log in and absolutely no additional costs.  We have made it as easy as walking a trade show floor without the cost of travel that goes with it.  Start shopping now, or find out more below.


From the home page, retailers can search thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers by either using the search box, or by choosing your category from the Start Shopping drop down menu.  Once you have chosen the product type or supplier you wish to buy from, you will be taken to that suppliers own storefront page on  Once in the suppliers store you can browse their full product line, or use their store specific search tool to narrow down your choices.  Add items to the cart, meet the minimum order amount set by the supplier and you are ready to check out.  There are no tricks or gimmicks.  We follow the same policies the suppliers offer to all their customers on a regular basis, and you pay us nothing extra.  We have negotiated the lowest prices the manufacturers and suppliers offer, so these are the same prices you would pay if you called, navigated to their site or visited them at a trade show.


Every product and every supplier is different.  Larry’s Anvil Emporium and Fran’s Feather Factory would have different shipping terms and costs.  To make the process as simple as possible and to keep costs down our suppliers will comply with the 3 F’s of shipping.  Fixed, Flat or Free.  When you reach a suppliers page they will display their Shipping and return policy.  If Flat, the supplier will indicate the flat shipping fee they charge on all orders.  That amount is added to your order and you are done.  If the supplier has a larger item in size or weight, they may choose to offer a fixed rate shipping.  Again that fixed percentage will be indicated on the page so you will know what it is before you start shopping.  Your order will show your total product amount, plus the pre determined percentage for shipping.  And finally the 3rd F is Free.  These suppliers either by normal practice, or through a special promotion on our site are offering free shipping.  You will see your shipping as $0.00 at checkout.  Remember, suppliers may offer free or reduced shipping promotions during the course of the year, so be sure to bookmark your favorite suppliers and check back often.


Each supplier site will clearly state their shipping terms before you browse their products.  If for some reason you need to initiate a return, you may contact us here, or contact the supplier.  You will receive a shipping slip from the supplier no different than if you had made the same purchase from any other channel.


Once you have logged in to your account, you will have access to your buyers dashboard.  From there, you can view, track and reorder any of your purchases.  This will be your go to page for any changes to your payments or account information, shopping history, favorite suppliers and customer support.