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Angola, Indiana

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9% of the order total

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Duke Imports

Comforters, Microfiber Bed Sheets, Blankets (1-Ply & 2-Ply), Quilts, Quilted Throws, Quilted Sherpa Throws, Sherpa-Filled Blankets, Sherpa Throws ,Cashmere Fleece Blankets, Baby Blankets, Curtains, Bed Pillows, Kitchen Linens, the Walking Dead

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Duke Imports is a family owed company. We strive for excellence in all of our lines, and focus on giving the customer a plush, satisfying, comfortable experience with each and every one of our products. Each product, whether it is the soft microfiber sheets that you use everyday or the luxurious high-end Sherpa filled blankets that fit your everyday snuggles.
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